Thursday, January 15, 2015

After School

   Los Osos Middle School, in Los Osos California has a variety of after school programs such as coding club, homework club, builders club, etc. But many LOMS students believe that there should be more interesting activities to do after school.

   We may not know what the students want but we can only imagine that the people would want more book clubs or comic book clubs. "There should be an after school surfing program!" exclaimed one student. "The school won't be able to fund any of these programs, they are too poor." Another student said when interviewed. Several students would like to see more extracurricular programs, but have extremely far fetched ideas for what activities students should participate in.

   Most interviewed students don't know how the school would be able to fund these programs or to get the school to want to make these programs happen, but they can only dream.

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